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Motogladiator Race License Details
The Motogladiator Race License is an annual (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) membership that allows a rider to race in the Motogladiator race series.
To Qualify for a Motogladiator Race License, a rider must have raced with another race organization, such as CCS or WERA, within the past 5 years, or, be an Intermediate (E2) or above level rider and have taken a race certification class with an approved organization (i.e., Riders Club, Penguin Road Racing). Riders who complete the EvolveGT Race Certification Training are also eligible to race Motogladiator.
If you have not already raced in the Motogladiator series, when you purchase a Motogladiator Race License you will be prompted to email RACE DOCUMENTS the supporting documentation. Acceptable documentation includes your training completion certificate or CCS/WERA race license (license can be no more than 5 years old). If you do not have documentation, please explain why you qualify for a race license.
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