Many have sought to show their progressives bona fides, others say theyd be tougher on crime a dominant issue. Thats where 10th Ward Candidate Ana Guajuardo hopes to be celebrating tonight. A Cook County commissioner, Johnson was launched into the race with some powerful endorsements from the Chicago Teachers Union and the American Federation of Teachers. I-55 Shut Down in Both Directions Due to Large Crash' Amid Dust Storm in South-Central Illinois, Blowing Dust Warning' Issued in Illinois After Dust Storm Causes Large I-55 Crash, Portillo's Adds New Menu Item to Restaurants Nationwide and It's Now Available, How Much Could You Get in New $725M Facebook Settlement? Her campaign has had a heavy focus on transparency in government, on the citys handling of violent crime, and on education, with tabs dedicated to those topics on her campaign website. Less concerned about the outcome of the mayor race, Carrasquillo wants to see the quality of life improvements in the ward. He brought his kids along to show them how the be a part of the democratic process, Zieben said. With Harold Washingtons help, Garca won election as 22nd Ward Democratic committeeman in 1984. . The civil rights icon organized for justice in Chicago, dreaming that one day, the civil rights movement and the labor rights movement would come together. Thats what happened Tuesday, Johnson said. In less than one month, nine mayoral candidates will duke it out in an effort to ascend to Chicago's highest office, with the 2023 election kicking into high gear. Because this campaign has always been about building a better, stronger, safer Chicago for all the people of Chicago.. She's expecting even more new arrivals with a change in federal policy. Thomas said she didnt think the weather would make an impact on people who had a big drive to vote because her relatives braved Tuesdays rain to cast their votes. You can read more about Vallas on his campaign website. Complete ABC7 coverage of the 2023 Chicago mayoral election, city council elections and other municipal offices. Its looking close in the 48th Ward, where Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth is ahead with 50.81% over Joe Dunnes 49.19% with roughly 63% of precincts reporting. Guajardo is also founder of Centro de Trabajadores Unidos (United Workers Center) to serve the areas immigrants and low-income communities. Although his father, Eugene Sawyer, was appointed mayor, an alderman has never been elected to the citys top post. And thats meant something. The winner may not be known for days. Remarkable. We profiled each candidate in an effort to give you a fuller picture of who is going to be on your ballot come election day. Read more here. Ward race results are pouring in for the 14 runoff races. Note: rather than listing the candidates in alphabetical order, we have listed them in the order in which they would currently appear on the Feb. 28 ballot. Get everything you need before Election Day with our Voters Guide. Nerves are high among Vallas supporters huddled in front of a television screen projecting election results, as Brandon Johnson took his first lead of the night. Susan Silver, a Lincoln Park resident, has been torn over who to vote for mayor, stuck between the Chicago Teachers Union-backed Johnson and Fraternal Order of Police-endorsed Vallas. Not even a slew of endorsements from high-profile Democrats featured in Vallas television commercials including retired Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, retired U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin were enough to erase that perception. I dont think we have enough power. I want better for them.. Joseph Craan, a City Colleges of Chicago math professor, said he voted for Brandon Johnson based on Paul Vallass record in Chicago. After he cast his ballot, Michael Turco, 30, said he had just registered to vote in Chicago. Not quite as much as back in the day, when half the people working in the field could give you a garbage can the next day. Jim Gardiner. Weve got to look at the relative weighted turnout. In the 21st Ward, community organizer Ronnie Mosley declared victory despite a narrow lead over retired firefighter Cornell Dantzler, who refused to concede in the runoff to replace outgoing Ald. Joe Moore, Proco Joe Moreno, Ald. She said safe recreational spaces for youth was the key. Should no candidate receive 50% of the vote in the October election, a runoff . In North Lawndale, Monique Scott supporters gathered at Soul and sipped on drinks named Mo for the Win and The Alderwoman while awaiting results. MOTW, the celebration of hunting for morel mushrooms around Chicago . Crime is the most important issue facing Chicago, Cuadra said. Hes opened up something that we lost a long time ago and it really is hope.. Lightfoot clearly wanted to face Vallas in the runoff, believing Vallas had a ceiling that would make it difficult for him to get over the 50% hump. State Rep. Kam Buckner (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune). 91% of precincts reporting in 43rd; appointed incumbent Ald. Vallas, who was City Halls revenue and budget director under former Mayor Richard M. Daley, promised not to ask Chicago taxpayers for one more penny until he scoured the $28 billion in city and local government agency spending under the mayors control to determine whether it was being spent wisely. The ward has nearly 1,600 unreturned vote-by-mail ballots. Tonight is the beginning of a Chicago that truly invests in all of its people. The first round of the election is slated for Feb. 28. The turnout was good. The race for mayor was called in Brandon Johnsons favor late Tuesday after a long evening when it remained too close to call, an apt metaphor for the political winds of Chicago voters. The civil rights icon organized for justice in Chicago, dreaming that one day the civil rights movement and the labor rights movement would come together. Thats what happened Tuesday, Johnson said. I think hes got the right messaging for public safety and crime, which I think is the big issue for the city, Turco said. While the voters were slowly making their way to the ballot box at Welles Park, the handful of polling judges swapped tales of their history working the polls. Jason Lee, a senior adviser to the Johnson campaign, said of the results: We outperformed on the lakefront. In the 11th Ward, covering the Daley familys longtime South Side enclave of Bridgeport, Ald. Democrats can use this election as a cautionary case study: Middle-class, older Black voters, whom Democrats absolutely must have to keep the White House and control Congress, are not, writ large, that progressive, especially compared with Chicagos white voters in the north lakefront wards. I think hes the right man for the job. My name is Brandon Johnson and I cant wait to be sworn in as the next mayor of the greatest city in the world, a euphoric Johnson, 47, told his cheering supporters at the Marriott Marquis Chicago, 2121 S. Prairie Ave. Brandon Johnson walks on stage with his family to speak at his election night party at the Marriott Marquis Chicago after defeating Paul Vallas in the mayoral runoff election, Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Three wards on the Far South Side will be sending new faces to the City Council. Standing before supporters Tuesday night, Chico said: What we do today, and in the next four years, is going to transform the 10th Ward forever.. Inside the basement of the Welles Park fieldhouse on the North Side, only a handful of voters had trickled in within an hour of the polls opening at 6 a.m. I want to work with you. Of the top ten wards for turnout at mid-afternoon, six were Vallas strongholds: the 19th, 41st, 45th, 43rd, 44th and 2nd Wards. They believe in defunding the police. Former Congressman Bobby Rush and former Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones put their names on the Vallas list. So many of us came over around all of those issues for so many decades now and those coalitions are strong. Note: Frederick Collins and Johnny Logalbo fell short of the required number of valid voter signatures, and were removed from the ballot by the Chicago Board of Elections. Young people often use social media TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube to develop their identities as activists and to push for a more just society that reflects their values. But, smaller turnout in way more wards where you have support can make up for that. James Gardiner in the 45th Ward on the Northwest Side; Ald. I think the people who make corporate opinion, I think corporate money and I think the bureaucracyof the city is largely going to be against that program. (Johnson) came to my building and I talked to him, so I voted for him, Archie said. Just like last time, the Sun-Times and WBEZ will have journalists at polls and campaign parties throughout the city to provide you latest vital reporting on the election. The race was too close to call, but both candidates expressed optimism. As of Monday night, 1,637 and 1,992 votes by mail still needed to be counted in the 30th and 45th wards, according to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. Monique Scott packed Soul to celebrate the candidates early lead. Roderick Sawyer. Several analysts predicted he is likely to win as much as 70% of the uncounted absentee votes. I like that hes talking about it in a way that hes kind of serious about it, feels like hes been a little bit tough on it, and doesnt want to tolerate it anymore.. Incumbent Democratic mayor Joe Hogsett is running for re-election to a third term in office. Pocket. Chicago Mayor Runoff Election Results: Brandon Johnson wins. Lightfoot appointed Lee in March 2022 to replace Ald. With Ald. With four hours left until polls closed, 43 of the 970 registered voters assigned to the elementary school polling place had shown up, though its unclear how many voted early or by mail. Spencer Ng, owner of Triple Crown Restaurant and lifelong Chinatown resident, said, I never thought the day would come that well see Chinatown unite under one ward and one candidate. The civil rights movement and the labor rights movement have finally collided, Johnson said. Note: rather than listing the candidates in alphabetical order, we have listed them in the order in which they would currently appear on the Feb. 28 ballot. Monique Scott is up 36 percentage points with half of the precincts counted:Monique Scott: 68.10%Creative Scott: 31.90%, Only 2,441 votes (0.6%) separate Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson in the latest vote dump. This campaign that I ran to bring this city together would not be a campaign that fulfilled my ambitions if this campaign is gonna divide us more. It was, as political strategist David Axelrod put it, the candidate of the Chicago Teachers Union vs. the Fraternal Order of Police, with Chicagos future political direction in the balance. We need to figure out how to actually invest in those neighborhoods and pull people into the political process, Sharkey said. After an exhausting, five-week battle for the heart and soul of Chicago, the race see-sawed back and forth as votes were tallied Tuesday night. Johnson drove home the point by portraying himself as the real Democrat in the race. Patrick Daley Thompson after he was convicted a month earlier on tax charges and had to step down. Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern has more. I ran for mayor to bring this city together, and its clear, based on the results tonight, that this city is deeply divided, Vallas said. I dont get the lack of urgency or why people arent taking it more seriously, said Chamberlain, an Edgewater resident. Willie Wilson ran for mayor in 2015 and 2019; traveled the country as part of a long-shot campaign for president in 2016, where he appeared on the ballot in a handful of states; and challenged U.S. He added: Tonight is the beginning of a Chicago that truly invests in all of its people. Johnson garnered about 49% of votes. Roderick Sawyer, 6th (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune). Vallas then addressed supporters who gathered for a watch party. With a race for mayor on the ballot, the voter turnout was higher in Chicago than in the suburbs where the biggest races were mostly school board elections and the highest voter turnout was in . Johnson was trying to prevent that from happening after winning the coveted endorsement of vanquished mayoral challenger Jesus Chuy Garcia. Johnson drove home the point, portraying himself as the real Democrat in the race. She also suggested more polling places be added to make it easier for voters to get where they need to be. That tight race unfolded alongside another in the 48th Ward, where organizer Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth led in her bid to become the citys first Filipina alderperson but by less than 100 votes over affordable housing developer Joe Dunne. other lands higuchi,